Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Update on Cooper

It's been a dog day around here! They tested the tornado sirens at 10am this morning and Cooper started howling like a siren. We've never heard him do that before and it was sooo funny! Previous months the windows were closed. Windows wide open today so we could hear it loud and clear! I stopped howling loud when I started filming, but you can hear him kind of growling/whining in this one!
A few hours after this I put Cooper out in the backyard while I unloaded the groceries and when we went to let him in, he wasn't in the backyard. We found this whole in the fence that he just created!I called his name and he poked his head through the opening, but wouldn't come into the backyard. So I grabbed his leash and bucket of dog food (which usually gets him to come) and went around the neighbor's fence and around into a yard behind us. I asked the lady who was gardening if she had seen the dog and she didn't. Dori said she would hear the dog and when I called him, I noticed he was in the backyard. He came through the hole and over to me right away. What a cute little PITA! I covered up the hole, but we still need to go out into the yard with him. He still tries to bust out. I think those baby bunnies on the other side of the fence are driving him NUTTY!

He got out a few days ago and ended up back home after 5 minutes. At least he came back home both times!!

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