Friday, May 1, 2009

Overdue Update

I am worn out. Cooper is A LOT of work!! He likes to 'mark' everywhere, so we need to keep him by our side all the time. And that is mostly my side. He's good about being in his crate and doesn't use it as a potty at all and can stay in it all night without fussing. I am trying to limit his time in it during the day, just putting him in when we aren't home or I'm showering or maybe cooking. I did notice that he was a bit mellower today. I think he is used to the 2 rooms we've allowed him in and hasn't marked inside for a few days. He is very interested in any food and will jump up when we are eating.

We started Pet Training class at Petsmart tonight. I think it is going to be very helpful. My goals are that he will be able to be loose in the house with us without marking, jumping, or trying to eat everything, that he will stop marking all the time, and that he won't pull when we walk him. I'll have to look back at this in 8 weeks to see if we've accomplished the goals.


  1. Good Luck! keeping them with you helps I have heard leashing them too you is the trick but I don't have the patience so we heve just limited the area Toby is allowed in and that helps.

  2. This is why I have cats! LOL

    Good luck with the training, at least you have options like that around you!

  3. It will get better.The big thing I've learned with my dogs is you should socialize them with both pets and people.My daughter is planning on going to college for pet training. The dog training should help both you and your family.They are hard work. In the end it will be worth it when he gives you big slobbery doggie kisses or the times you ready to lose your mind and he gives you those sad puppy dog eyes. He is too cute.

  4. Good luck and hope the classes go great! Love the blog! So cute!



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